We want to share our impressions after the second Christmas party we’ve organized. It was absolutely amazing to see so many of you! We realize how busy everyone is in December so we appreciate it even more.

And we’re so proud of Edyta and Tomek to prepare such a wonderful gift. They gave the school a corkboard that they decorated themselves. You can admire it in some of the photos we enclose. And the card they wrote was really amazing, full of wonderful words about our work and the school. Nothing could make us happier. Now we’re waiting for others to send Christmas postcards with any comments they have. The more, the better. After all, we work for you and want to make you guys happy.

Many thanks to Maja for a delicious gluten free brownie she made, Arek for homemade pierogies (over 50 of them, look at the enclosed photo, only a few were left by the end of the party) and of course Magda for her famous herring (I also attach a photo of the remaining little bit, had it for breakfast yesterday, haha!).

Well done all of you on sharing amazing dating experience, the game turned into an hour long discussion, that was unexpected☺ And the heads up game went better than we thought, you guys know lots of words, well done. Remember about the word THRIFTY!

So many memories after only one evening, we could write about it forever but let’s not get carried away, no one has time to read so much.

Enjoy our photos and see you next time!

AKN team