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Agnieszka - właścicielka/lektorka

About me:
I love people and goals, I’m extremely task oriented and task driven! I’m even overly organised but I find it an advantage. Oh, and I’m a bit of a freak about language learning and methods of language acquisition

What I like most about teaching is: well, too many things to put it in one sentence: teaching and learning all at once, contact with people, challenge, satisfaction from the job done!

My favourite quote:

  • If you would like to get your own personified program of education, the structured way of learning, amazing inspiring atmosphere during classes, overwhelming materials for each class with the vocabulary, built specifically for you, tips and tricks of leaning English – you are in the right school!
    If you would like to be thought by the best English teacher ever – Agnieszka IS THE BEST!’

    Natalia Z.
  • Agnieszka loves what she does! You will notice that immediately after your first meeting with her. Teaching others is her passion! She is always very well prepared for our classes. You can’t get bored here. Classes are interesting, focused on my needs and things that have to be improved.
    AKN school is a great choice for people who are ready for hard work 🙂 
    All teachers are passionate and very friendly. So be ready for good results faster than you think!

    Magda B.

Marta - manager

About me:
As a teacher I demand, but also forgive 🙂 By learning one of the most difficult languages (Hungarian) I can put myself in the shoes of the student and understand their struggle. Phrases such as „stupid question” or „stupid mistake” do not appear in my dictionary. The perfect way to spend my weekend is reading a book or playing a good video game

What I like most about teaching is:
the feeling of satisfaction when I see a student’s progress  

My favourite quote:

  • Marta is the best English teacher I’ve ever had! Marta is a very positive person. She always smiles. She is very warm and charming, thanks to which the classes run without stress. Marta is always ready for lessons. She can adapt his teaching method to the student and transfer knowledge in a simple and interesting way. Speaking English has always been very stressful for me, but Marta has found a way to give me courage and I know I can always count on her support and help in learning English language.

    Agnieszka S.
  • Marta is the best English teacher I have ever had. She is perfectly prepared to every class. Marta is good at explaining everything on a clear way using language on appropriate level for me. Lessons with her are really interesting. She is open, easily makes contact with others.

    Kasia H.

Aldona - metodyk

About me:
A big fan of fountain pens, coffee, dusk, crumpets, and sloths. Forever in two minds about peanut butter.

What I like most about teaching is:
watching someone getting more confident, opening up, and finding great pleasure in our lessons. Your success is my success.

My favourite quote:
„Conversations are not promotional opportunities”

Celeste Headlee

  • I want to tell you something about the best English teacher – Aldona 🙂 I love learning with her because I always have a lot of fun during our lessons. Aldona has a fantastic sense of humor – similar to mine. We like the same things and we think similarly. I’m sure that it is very important to feel great with your teacher. Aldona is a very kind, smiling, understanding person and is very professional at the same time. I feel that I’ve learned a lot thanks to her. I see my progress with every lesson. I hope to be able to study with Aldona for a long time to come

    Jola B.
  • Learning English with Aldona is pure pleasure and fun. She can explain the most complex issues in an accessible way and will introduce you to the secrets of English grammar. The greatest value of the classes is that they are always tailored to your needs. Aldona has an extraordinary ability to listen and adapt to the demands of her students. Do you want to talk about the latest changes in the law or practice an official speech? No problem! Just say the word and in the next classes you will get professional materials and exercises prepared only for you. But don’t think it’s over – the next class will start with a revision (students who like game shows will not be disappointed). Aldona is a teacher who will meet the expectations of the most demanding students, and by the way is a very positive and nice person! I recommend classes with Aldona with a clear conscience!

    Iza G.


About me:
I am definitely not ordinary, a mixture of an English teacher, a coach, and a fitness instructor. I am passionate about cooking, getting to know new people, and having long conversations with a cup of coffee.

What I like most about teaching is:
that’s easy people and observing how they grow with a little push from my side

My favourite quote:
“stop saying start acting”

  • I love classes with Łukasz. His vast knowledge and experience make our classes always interesting and engaging. From the beginning we liked each other so much that sometimes we go out together and spend the evening with interesting conversations. Of course in English 🙂

    Milena B.
  • Łukasz is a wonderful teacher. He loves his students. He is patient and helpful

    Mariusz K.
  • Luke is a very good teacher. He explains grammar in a very understandable way and systematically adds appropriate tasks to practice the topic. He is very patient with a good sense of humor.

    Grażyna Rz.


About me:
I am a weekend traveller looking for the cheapest tickets to see the world. I do dubbing for commercials, but my biggest dream was always to dub a Disney movie. Oh, and I love singing!

What I like most about teaching is: 
having contact with people and having tons of fun playing language games together

My favourite quote: 
„If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” – L. Carroll

  • Agnieszka is a great teacher. She picks very interesting
    topics for each class. She refreshes my knowledge every month with short tests.

    Ewa P.
  • Agnieszka is a great teacher. I’ve done a huge progress in my English thanks to her. She is always a kind, polite and very patient teacher and I don’t feel stressed during classes. I’m happy that she taught me.

    Dorota K.


About me:
I recently moved to Poland from Canada, where I worked as an Engineer and also got an MBA to change career direction.  Now here I am, having changed directions yet again!

What I like most about teaching is: coming from a corporate background, I was looking for something more fulfilling, and so far teaching English has been the most fulfilling job I have ever had.

My favourite quote:
„Happiness is a place between too little and too much.”

  • Damon, you’re amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication is beyond words! Thank you for getting me through this semester, I honestly would have never passed my exam if it was not for your help! Thank you so much once again!

    Damon is an excellent teacher! He provides both a great mix of speaking, listening and practical learning activities. As a student, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies that help you to improve.

    Monika O.
  • Damon himself is an extraordinary person. A man with extensive knowledge, experience and a broad view of the world. A bubbling energy that is easily contagious. A real partner in discussions on any topic, which can be very casual or very focused on a specific goal. One thing is certain that the minutes during his English classes pass faster than they should, it is primarily a matter of good atmosphere and energy that accompany his classes. Want to learn some slang as well – it’s the right address 😉 I really do recommend!

    Michał K.


About me:
I’m all about ducks, films, writing, visiting weird places, and Oxford commas

What I like most about teaching is:
meeting people from all walks of life  

My favourite quote:
„Outstare the stars” – V. Nabokov

  • It is really difficult to describe Weronika just with a few words. The main reason for that is her incredible level of creativity. Our every class has similar formula, still each one of them is different. Thanks to her passion for teaching and amazing linguistic intuition, there is no way to be bored at her class as well as to miss some aspect of a language. Like a wizard takes a rabbit out of the hat, so Weronika is able to pull 'the handouts’ out of nowhere. Keeping a happy face, she remains a true professional.’

    Mikołaj W.
  • Weronika is a very positive and open person. She is always well prepared for classes and can answer every student’s question. But what is most important is that her work gives her great pleasure. 

    Magda S.


About me:
I just love learning languages. I’m a polyglot: apart from Polish — which is my mother tongue — and English and Spanish — which are the languages I teach — I also speak German, Russian and to some extent Turkish and Dutch. I will never stop adding new languages to my repertoire and maintaining the ones I already speak, because I truly believe that they are the most fascinating thing out there. The great benefits of picking up a language outweigh the effort you need to put in — with every language you gain access to another world and you meet people you otherwise would have never met. It’s a beautiful journey.

What I like most about teaching is:
Connecting with other people. I love the discussions we have. Whether it’s helping someone overcome the language barrier or finally being able to explain some grammatical quirk in an effective way, it is precisely that what makes my job worthwhile. I do my best to be a language tutor that I am always on the lookout for when learning a new language myself — friendly, infinitely patient, supportive and knowledgeable. If someone begins to speak English or Spanish with more confidence and maybe even discovers the pleasures of using the language, I consider my job well done.

My favourite quote:
The limits of my language are the limits of my world. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

  • Piotr is a teacher with genuine enthusiasm and boundless curiosity for languages. His positive and friendly attitude translates into a good atmosphere during lesson. He realises that student may have a bad day and if the need arises, he is able to modify lesson to unexpected situation. He patiently resolves any doubts in clear and comprehensible way. Each lesson is well thought out what additionally gives a sense of calmness and feeling of going in the right direction. Piotr had a strong influence on my belief of studying language. He showed me that learning English can be a wonderful experience, not just a necessity as I thought before. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to study with such a great teacher.

    Ola K.
  • Piotr is a superguide through the dark and bright side of English. No matter what this dark side is – writing, speaking or reading, he finds a way to lighten it up for you. Experienced teacher, open to talk about breaking news in many areas of the developing world. During the lesson you can expect a variety of exercises, interesting topics, no Polish words, examples, once you follow his tips improvement in your speaking is guaranteed.

    Dorota K.
  • Piotr is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He is very friendly, positive and patient. Thanks to the lessons with him I broke the speaking barrier.

    Ewelina S.


About me:
I really love travelling, good food, the Beatles, binge watching tv series and spending time with my friends and family. When I want to relax, I just pick up a book or go for a long walk.

What I like most about teaching is: 
A chance to meet new people and get to know them but also seeing how they open up and get more and more confident with English.

My favourite quote: 
“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” Michael Scott, The Office

  • I started cooperating with AKN almost 2 months ago and I feel that even it’s a short period of time I feel much more comfortable using English. First time in my whole life I really like learning this language. I’m excited and not afraid as before while I’m waiting for the next meeting. The imercial way of learning truly works, many times during the day I catch myself thinking how to say something in English, so some part of my brain starts trying to even think in English 🙂 Moreover everyone at school is extremely nice and helpful, so the atmosphere during classes is like a meeting with a best friend. AKN was the best choice for me and I recommend it to everyone! 🙂

    Ania P.
  • Weronika is an exceptional teacher who performs her job with passion. She is incredibly patient and devoted. Her teaching program caters to my individual needs. Weronika always kindly responds to my questions, requests, and suggestions. I love learning with Weronika because of how comfortable and friendly of an atmosphere she can create during lessons. When I meet with her, I feel like I am meeting with my best friend, which makes all of our conversations a pure pleasure. Weronika is an amazing, passionate and friendly teacher. I highly recommend lessons with her to everyone 🙂

    Anna P.
  • Weronika is a good teacher. She is always involved and prepared for classes. There is a nice atmosphere in class. I like the individual way of teaching and many conversations thanks to which I am starting to break my barriers in speaking English.

    Kamil Ś.
  • English lessons here are pure pleasure. Weronika, who teaches my classes, is always thoroughly prepared. The topics are individually tailored. The subjects are interesting and fun to discuss. The homework is appropriately challenging. I am happy to continue working with her and would recommend anyone to study here.

    Szymon R.


About me:
I am a passionate student of American studies, who loves to cook, dance and travel

What I like most about teaching is:
seeing my students open up and become more confident with their use of English  

My favourite quote:

  • Learning english with Kornelia is superb experience. Kornelia is a professional and open-minded lecturer with individual approach to student’s needs. This helps a lot to work and develop skills based on diversified methods using topics which are always interesting. Kornelia is demanding but easly adjusts difficulty and intensity of classes to student’s capabilities. Her positive attitude is inspirational and provides extra motivation to be prepared and always do your (home)work. Classes are always fun and productive.

    Jakub T.
  • I’ve been learning with AKN for 1.5 year, during this time I became more confident with speaking english. Classes are interesting and customized to my needs. I’m perfectly matched with my teacher who is really empathetic and open-minded. I can focus on learning new words and structures instead of overthinking my mistakes.

    Ewelina S.
  • Thanks to the classes with Kornelia I have become more comfortable with speaking English. In every class we speak about some different interesting topics. I am also getting to know more advanced vocabulary and grammar, which was the most important for me!
    Apart from that, Kornelia is an empathetic and patient teacher with an individual approach to the student. She always asks me if everything is clear and what topics I would like to focus more on.
    It is worth saying that school organisation is effective because it is easy to contact all people who work there.

    Olga Z.
  • I had chosen AKN based on online reviews and it was a great decision. In addition to standard classes, the school offers additional events for students.
    Next to learning useful vocabulary I repeat grammar and I’ve finally learned conditionals which used to be my nightmare🙂
    I couldn’t expect better teacher than Kornelia, who is demanding but also supportive and warm-hearted

    Ewelina S.


About me:
I’m an open-minded and a cheerful person, or at least that’s what I’ve been told by my friends… as well as by my Students. I treat my job seriously, though, and if need be, I can be very demanding, for the benefit of the Participants of the lessons, of course!

What I like most about teaching is:
Too many things to name just one. Still, what I love about teaching is contact with people of variegated backgrounds, interests, and passions. Moreover, the unique chance to pass the knowledge of English to my Students is something I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world  

My favourite quote:

  • I really enjoy my classes with Chris. He is a very positive person with a broad knowledge of various subjects. This makes it easy to have long and interesting discussions with him. He always works new interesting vocabulary into our conversations. The new words aren’t random, but perfectly matched to fill in the gaps in my English vocabulary and help avoid pauses caused by lack of the right word. He is open to my needs and feedback and adjusts the lessons accordingly. And he prepares excellent summaries of our lessons as PDF files, so I don’t have to lose the context of a talk to make my own notes. Each file also includes my homework which is customized for me, and links to videos which are often great input for our next meeting. In summary, Chris is a nice, full of energy, understanding and open to feedback teacher!

    Paweł J.
  • Our lessons with Chris are always dynamic and full of positive energy. We have a lot of topics to discuss, so I’ve never been bored. Actually, the time flies so fast that the lesson ends before I could even notice… That’s a good sign:) There is plenty of challenging exercises to improve every aspect of my English skills. Everything goes very smoothly and it’s a pleasure to have a practice with that nice atmosphere. I do like our conversations a lot!

    Paweł P.
  • I have very positive opinion, lessons aren’t boring. He always prepares a lot of material and always he gives me homework.

    Wioleta B.
  • The lessons have an atmosphere as if you were talking to a friend and so you spend the time in a nice way. Krzysztof always remembers to give you homework and checks your knowledge. In addition, he prepares a lot of material for each lesson, including taking into account your interests.

    Małgorzata C.
  • My adventure with the AKN school lasts 1.5 years. My main problem was the speaking barrier. This was a big problem for me because I run my own company and I have international contractors. This problem disappeared after a few classes. In fact, after the first class, I felt much more confident in English. From the very beginning I saw a big improvement in my English skills. Now it’s a continuous improvement of speaking technique and grammar.

  • Krzysztof Kula has been my teacher from the beginning. I think he is a very good teacher and he helped me a lot with my many problems with the English language and speaking block. Krzysztof is always perfectly prepared for classes. Sometimes I’m surprised how much information he remembers! I feel at ease during classes. He is friendly but also demanding, which I appreciate. Classes with Krzysztof are always interesting and diverse. He cares about vocabulary, grammar, everything I would like to improve and what he sees to improve in my language skills. We always talk a lot, and I don’t feel tired. Time flies fast. He probably knows every story from my life! 🙂 I see that teaching is his passion, not just a job. Apart from teaching, Krzysztof is a very positive and energetic person. He has a lot of general, sport and film knowledge. He’s like an encyclopedia of movies! 🙂

  • I heartily recommend the AKN school and Krzysztof Kula as a teacher!

    Adam N.


About me:
I am a people person! I love meeting new people and spending time with my friends and family. I also have a passion for traveling and exploring the unknown! Life itself is the greatest adventure! Languages open up doors for us to become citizens of the world, this is why I love both teaching and learning them so much!

What I like most about teaching is:
When I teach I feel like I am a Talk Show host and my student is the star! To me teaching is a great responsibility where you are trusted to help others become the best version of themselves and achieve their goals. I take this very seriously! But I also have a blast in the process and I enjoy connecting with my students to make them feel comfortable and inspired!

My favourite quote:
The word is your oyster

  • Mariana is hands down the coolest native English speaker teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious, and she always has a trick up her sleeve to keep me engaged and excited about learning. Her teaching methods are always very interactive. One of the things that really stands out about Mariana is her gift for storytelling and her anecdotes are always both entertaining and informative. It’s clear that she has a real passion for language and that she loves to share her knowledge with others.

    Tomek R.
  • Mariana is a great teacher. She organises lessons very well, is always prepared and very open to my needs. I am very happy that
    she is my teacher.

    Monika K.


About me:
an actress, a dancer, a traveller and a language freak! 🙂

What I like most about teaching is:
sharing my passion for languages and then, seeing my students’ progress!

My favourite quote:
nothing is impossible

  • Ewelina is a very committed person. Professional in every way. Despite many years of English classes together,
    I still feel the same level of enthusiasm and energy. Ewelina’s strength is certainly grammar, but above all, it is stoicism and
    self-control in the face of the same mistakes made by her students, of which I am the best example. 🙂
    Her perseverance and consistency, for me, is the best recipe for quick progress.

    Michał K.
  • Lessons with Ewelina are pure pleasure. Always prepared with an interesting topic to talk about which can develop endlessly. Something like meeting a friend for coffee without forgetting, of course, repetitions from the previous lesson and grammar taught in a clear way. Ewelina always finds an interesting topic that encourages me to think and develop the topic even beyond the lessons.

    Iza M.


About me:
I’m a very patient person with good and positive energy 🙂 I love art, music and the nature, so my garden is my „safe place”, where I can paint and relax forever. In my spare time I watch Game of Thrones with my friends and eat pizza.

What I like most about teaching is:
the fact, that I’m able to meet new people. Also, I can share my love for English with them and that’s incredible.

My favourite quote:
„The things you own end up owning you.” 

  • AKN school is the best place for learning English. Professional, flexible and understandable teachers who learn with passion, skills and knowledge. I am fully recommend this school and especially my teacher Justyna.

    Edyta D.


About me:
If I had to use one word it would be “Adventurer”. Since I was a kid there was something that I had explored, learned or often got in trouble for. But every time it has taught me something and broadened my horizons.

What I like most about teaching is:
The never ending journey and the fact that every person I had taught, teach and will have lessons with in the future is unique and individual. Therefore every lesson is different. The process of education (teaching is not enough for me) has allowed me to meet many people and places. Lastly, it gives me the privilege to have a positive influence on the educational process of future generations, just like some teachers had on mine- Thank You Mr. Wansor!

My favourite quote:
Some people say that the sky is the limit, I call it home.

  • Mike creates a very good atmosphere during the lessons and I stopped afraid speak in English. He prepares current, interesting topics and besides learning English I can learn new interesting things broaden my horizons of thought and take part in interesting discussions. Mike always asks what about I want talking and is open to other suggestions. He tries explain difficult issues in simple way. Thanks to the good atmosphere and s Mike’s sense of humor learning English become more enjoyable.

    Martyna D.
  • Mike is a great tutor. He prepares different materials for every lesson and has creative ways to explain everything

    Michał P.


About me:
I am curious and positive, and I want to get to know you and your passion, from medicine or UX design to your favourite colour! I am also a criminology and meditation explorer who speaks 5 and a half languages. Nice to meet you 🙂

What I like most about teaching is:
Giving people the pleasure of learning, helping them find their own way to success, and having fun in the meantime!

My favourite quote:
Your work should be an act of love, not a marriage of convenience. ― Haruki Murakami

  • One of the main aspects of our English language learning is the focus on various non-standard topics. We can suggest topics for the conversation which are interesting for us and then discuss them in our group. This allowed us not only to expand our language knowledge but also to learn more about the world around us and our colleagues. One of the key advantages of this approach is that we received a lot of new vocabulary in context, which made memorization and usage much more effective. The instructor actively incorporated new words and expressions into our discussions and exercises, helping us internalize them naturally. This is particularly helpful because we can use this vocabulary in real-life situations, not just in classroom exercises.
    Moreover, discussing non-standard topics helped us develop communication skills and express our own opinions in English. We learn how to formulate our thoughts, ask questions, and participate in discussions. This enhances our confidence in using the English language and helps overcome language barriers.
    I cannot fail to mention the overall atmosphere in the group. We have a small group of students, and we quickly found common ground. We work together on assignments, learn from each other, and maintain mutual motivation. This helps us progress and enjoy the learning process.

    Andrei M.
  • Ana is the best English teacher I’ve ever had! She explains the intricacies of English using simple lifelike examples, so learning with her becomes a pure pleasure. Moreover, she is very patient, polite, and curious about the world and asks me many questions on any occasion. She encourages me to explain all topics she is not knowledgeable about (for instance, through the ELI5 rule), so I get many opportunities to use more sophisticated vocabulary. Ana knows much about the world, so we can discuss almost everything during classes and broaden our horizons and perspectives. I feel my language skills improved while working with Ana, so I recommend her to all those students who are still hesitating and haven’t decided whom to choose!”

    Michał K.


About me:
The trait that drives me through life is my curiosity. I love experiencing new things and studying them thoroughly.

What I like most about teaching is:
discussing matters lively, laughing, and creating an opportunity and a safe space to express your feelings in English. I believe that not only the correctness of your language, but also the ability to be yourself fully, helps you feel comfortable while speaking English.

My favourite quote:
It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive. –Oriah Mountain Dreamer

  • Ola has been the teacher of my 2-person group for 2 months. It is always interesting, it is always fun. Ola is prepared for her lessons, she is a patient and stubborn teacher- stubborn because she doesn’t say things straightforwardly, but accurately guides you to understand the word/sentence/context.

    Kinga P.
  • Classes at the AKN English language school are an interesting and enjoyable experience in a friendly environment. Ola is a great teacher. She ensures that every lesson is diverse and dynamic. It’s impossible to get bored during her classes. They are conducted in an approachable manner, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and speaking development at the same time. Additionally, Ola is an open, cheerful, and empathetic person. Classes with Ola provide a sense of comfort and satisfaction. Moreover, what is really important to me is that learning at this school offers me great flexibility in terms of days and class hours.

    Elżbieta P.


About me:
I am a graduate of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, with English and French, and these are also the languages I teach. Professionally I enjoy simultaneous interpreting and teaching conversation classes for adults. When I’m not at work, I’m a road cyclist, a drummer and a cinema-goer 😉

What I like most about teaching is:
Obviously, there are many reasons, but the most importantly I like to meet new, interesting people and their life perspectives.

My favourite quote:
I don’t have one 😉

  • Maciej is a very good teacher. Classes are in an stress-free, pleasant atmosphere. He can teach, correct mistakes without pressure. Learning becomes fun. Thanks to Maciej, I also gained the courage to speak

    Małgorzata K.
  • My teacher Maciek is a very nice person.
    My level of English is poor (maybe A2), yet Maciej keeps asking if everything is understandable and if something needs to be repeated.
    Maciej has a lot of patience. I appreciate it very much because I need it. Lessons are interesting and timely.
    The entire lesson is in English.

    Krzysztof B.
  • This is my first experience with language school, and AKN was a good choice. They have good atmosphere(no stress) and helpful team. I’ve learned business language and now I understand more about grammar. I wanna continue my lessons with Maciej cause he is patient but he knows I need a lot of motivation. I will continue lessons here and I know I’m still in progress.

    Nastia L.


About me:
I do rock climbing / mountain climbing in my free time. I love travelling, driving in different countries and driving in general, watching various TV series, reading books on different topics. I also enjoy researching accents and dialects and teaching pronunciation. I dream of going to Vietnam and renting a moped there

What I like most about teaching is:
getting to know different people, talking to them on a variety of topics, learning from them and seeing them grow in confidence  

My favourite quote:
“He was going to live forever, or die in the attempt.” – Joseph Heller, Catch-22.

  • Anna is a great person and she teaches English effectively. What is more, she is open-minded, every lesson covers interesting topic and I feel comfortable to propose any further points for discussion. Anna always takes into account my availability and preferences. I am happy to have so dedicated and passionate teacher and conversation in English is now a pleasure for me.

    Maria M.


About me:
I love new challenges and how they make me grow. I want to exceed at everything – including teaching. I’m extremely open minded and you can tell me anything.

What I like most about teaching is:
 I love the relationships I have with my students and every new story they tell me about.

My favourite quote:
You can’t effect the cards that you are dealt, but you can determine how you play them.— Milton H. Erickson

  • Ania is a very communicative person. Our lessons are always interesting and well prepared.
    She cares about my comfort and she is very helpful. I can text her always when I need to. Ania is like a fellow or friend, even when she is a teacher. Of course, she is involved too!
    We alway have a lot of topics to talk about. You chose the best teacher for me 🙂 I feel great progress in my English and it is fantastic. It is possible because I have a great teacher and you have a really great learning method.

    Dominika D.
  • Anya is a very good teacher. We immediately found a common language with her. This is the first teacher who could make me talk. Anya is kind, funny and explains the material very well. Lessons with her are always calm and finally the English language has become fun and interesting for me to learn. For half a year of classes with Anya, I noticed a very big result, she has very interesting methods and a personal approach to each student. Anya is not just a teacher you are afraid of, but a positive and pleasant person who is a professional in her field.

    Maria B.


About me:
I try to do sports – football and the gym are my passions. I also like parties, meeting new people and watching interesting films

What I like most about teaching is:
Meeting new people, getting to know new facts and ideas from my students, and observing progress of my students  

My favourite quote:

  • I can only say good things about Marcin. I have been studying with him for several years and he always makes sure that our classes are interesting and developmental for me. It is a pleasure to study with such a great teacher.

    Milena B.


About me:
I’m a passionate teacher, who enjoys showing her students how learning English opens doors. 

What I like most about teaching is:
I like interacting with my students and learning new things from them. Also, I love that spark of curiosity and interest in the subject.   

My favourite quote:
Pressure makes diamonds

  • Anastasia has been teaching me since 2021. Anastasia is professional and has an open approach to the student.
    The topics of the classes are adapted to the student on a regular basis and the methods of learning are varied, from assignments to quizzes and guessing games. Learning English with Anastasia is a pleasure itself.

    Olga M.
  • Nastia is very kind and always starts our lessons with a smile. The most crucial thing is the fact that she is always well prepared and flexible. She is focused on student’s needs and comments. For one thing I have never been bored during our classes, and each lesson is diverse (after more than 2 years).

    Nadia H.


About me:
Caring teacher, passionate about the work I do and eager to contribute to my students’ success in learning. I strongly believe that any person you meet on your way is not accidental. I have different hobbies but one of my favorite is travelling, so I have visited various European countries, and now I would like to see something completely different, perhaps India or Iceland…

What I like most about teaching is:
the possibility to bring genuine pleasure from the process of learning and real results to my students.

My favourite quote:
No matter where you go, there you are…

  • Galyna is really high-qualified: there was no question for which she didn’t know the answer. There was a lot of speaking, and the teacher took an active part in all discussions. There was a positive relation to our group from the teacher, readiness to help. She checked homework outside the class time, no matter how big or small the homework was. We discussed homework in the classes only if students had questions about that.

    Uladzislau Z.
  • The classes are always very interesting, especially when it comes to the topics of the classes and, above all, diverse (there are a lot of videos, games, vocabulary, interesting articles, grammar, etc.). I can’t get bored with them. Also homework is very interesting and always different. Ms. Galyna makes sure that the lessons are adapted to the needs of the student. There is a lot of talking, which is especially important to me. What I like about classes is that I can talk freely with Ms. Galyna, laugh and there is no tension or stress. There is a very safe atmosphere 🙂 At the end of the classes, Ms. Galyna always asks if you liked the classes, if I have any questions or would like her to include something, which I appreciate very much. I can see my English changing and I have no barriers abroad. I highly recommend the classes, I am very satisfied 🙂

    Oliwia P.

Julia - office manager

About me:
I am curious about life and actively seek out new experiences to broaden my horizons. Open-minded, spontaneous, obsessed with travelling and chocolate:)

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Szanowni Państwo,
Prosimy o zapoznanie się z poniższymi informacjami oraz wyrażenie zgody poprzez zaznaczenie przycisku: „Zapoznałem się”. Informujemy, iż zawsze przysługuje Państwu możliwość wycofania zgody na przetwarzanie danych osobowych.

Informujemy Państwa, iż na naszych stronach używamy technologii, takich jak pliki cookie, do zbierania i przetwarzania danych osobowych w celu personalizowania treści oraz analizowania ruchu na stronach i w Internecie. Proszę zapoznać się z poniższymi informacjami, a następnie zaznaczyć przyciskiem na dole, że wyrażają Państwo zgodę na wskazane treści. Informujemy, że jeśli nie wyrażają Państwo zgody na przetwarzanie swoich danych zgodnie z opisem, prosimy o opuszczenie strony.

W związku z obowiązującym od 25 maja 2018 r. Rozporządzeniem Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE – określanego jako RODO informujemy na jakich zasadach będziemy przetwarzać Państwa dane osobowe zbierane za pomocą tej strony internetowej.

Rodzaj danych:
Dane osobowe to, zgodnie z RODO, informacje o zidentyfikowanej lub możliwej do zidentyfikowania osobie fizycznej. W przypadku korzystania z naszej strony internetowej takimi danymi są np. adres e-mail, adres IP. Niniejsza klauzula dotyczy danych osobowych, zbieranych w ramach korzystania przez Państwa ze stron internetowych oraz aplikacji należących do https://akn.edu.pl/ w tym także plikach cookies.

Administrator Danych Osobowych:
Administratorem Twoich danych osobowych, czyli podmiotem, który decyduje o sposobie i celu przetwarzania danych osobowych jest Szkoła Języka Angielskiego Agnieszka Kostrzewa – Nowak z siedzibą w Warszawie (00-896), ul. Ogrodowa 32a/13 NIP: 8321961262, REGON: 142858879. Możesz skontaktować się z nami pisemnie, za pomocą poczty tradycyjnej pisząc na adres: Administratora lub poprzez wiadomość e-mail na adres: info@akn.edu.pl

Podstawa pozyskiwania Państwa danych osobowych:
Przetwarzanie danych osobowych wymaga podstawy prawnej. RODO w art. 6 ust. 1 przewiduje kilka rodzajów takich podstaw prawnych dla przetwarzania danych, a w przypadkach korzystania ze strony https://akn.edu.pl/ mamy do czynienia z następującymi przesłankami legalności: osoba, której dane dotyczą wyraziła zgodę na przetwarzanie swoich danych osobowych w jednym lub w większej liczbie określonych celów. Przetwarzanie jest niezbędne do celów wynikających z prawnie uzasadnionych interesów realizowanych przez Administratora Państwa dane, w ramach naszych usług, przetwarzane będą wyłącznie w przypadku posiadania przez nas lub inny podmiot przetwarzający dane jednej z dopuszczonych przez RODO podstaw prawnych i wyłącznie w celu dostosowanym do danej podstawy. Państwa dane przetwarzane będą do czasu istnienia podstawy do ich przetwarzania – czyli w przypadku udzielenia zgody do momentu jej cofnięcia, ograniczenia lub innych działań z Państwa strony ograniczających tę zgodę, w przypadku niezbędności danych do wykonania umowy – przez czas jej wykonywania, a w przypadku, gdy podstawą przetwarzania danych jest uzasadniony interes administratora – do czasu istnienia tego uzasadnionego interesu.

Przekazywanie Państwa danych osobowych:
Zgodnie z obowiązującym prawem Państwa dane możemy przekazywać podmiotom przetwarzającym je na zlecenie Szkoły Języka Angielskiego Agnieszka Kostrzewa – Nowak .Przykładowymi Zleceniobiorcami mogą być agencje reklamowe, podwykonawcy naszych usług oraz podmioty uprawnione do uzyskania danych na podstawie obowiązującego prawa np. sądy, prokuratura itp. w oparciu o stosowną podstawę prawną.

Na naszych stronach internetowych i w aplikacjach używamy technologii, takich jak pliki cookie, local storage i podobnych służących do zbierania i przetwarzania danych osobowych oraz danych eksploatacyjnych w celu personalizowania udostępnianych treści i reklam oraz analizowania ruchu na naszych stronach. W ten sposób technologię tę wykorzystują również nasi Zaufani Partnerzy, którzy także chcą serwować reklamy jak najlepiej dopasowane do Twoich preferencji. Cookies to dane informatyczne zapisywane w plikach i przechowywane na Twoim urządzeniu końcowym (tj. Twój komputer, tablet, smartphone itp.), które przeglądarka wysyła do serwera przy każdorazowym wejściu na stronę z tego urządzenia, podczas gdy odwiedzasz różne strony w Internecie.

Państwa uprawnienia:
Zgodnie z RODO przysługują Państwu następujące uprawnienia wobec danych i ich przetwarzania przez nas i Zaufanych Partnerów: Jeśli udzielili Państwo zgody na przetwarzanie danych mogą Państwo w każdej chwili ją wycofać. Mają Państwo również prawo żądania dostępu do swoich danych osobowych, ich sprostowania, usunięcia lub ograniczenia przetwarzania, prawo do przeniesienia danych, wyrażenia sprzeciwu wobec przetwarzani danych oraz prawo do wniesienia skargi do organu nadzorczego – PUODO. Uprawnienia powyższe przysługują także w przypadku prawidłowego przetwarzania danych przez administratora

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