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About me:
I love people and goals, I’m extremely task oriented and task driven! I’m even overly organised but I find it an advantage. Oh, and I’m a bit of a freak about language learning and methods of language acquisition

What I like most about teaching is: well, too many things to put it in one sentence: teaching and learning all at once, contact with people, challenge, satisfaction from the job done!

My favourite quote:

  • If you would like to get your own personified program of education, the structured way of learning, amazing inspiring atmosphere during classes, overwhelming materials for each class with the vocabulary, built specifically for you, tips and tricks of leaning English – you are in the right school!
    If you would like to be thought by the best English teacher ever – Agnieszka IS THE BEST!’

    Natalia Z.
  • Agnieszka loves what she does! You will notice that immediately after your first meeting with her. Teaching others is her passion! She is always very well prepared for our classes. You can’t get bored here. Classes are interesting, focused on my needs and things that have to be improved.
    AKN school is a great choice for people who are ready for hard work 🙂 
    All teachers are passionate and very friendly. So be ready for good results faster than you think!

    Magda B.


About me:
Pretty sure in my previous life I was a jazz singer living in New York City

What I like most about teaching is: being able to see people’s hidden potential and helping them exploit it. When a Student tells me they hate English – I prove them wrong  

My favourite quote:
“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” ― O. Wilde, The Happy Prince and Other Tales

  • It’s all about attitude … your attitude. If you have right motivation and you are familiar with systematic work, Joanna is the best person to improve your skills and push forward your language experience. Always well prepared, with interesting topic for the classes and charming smile Joanna will take you in the fantastic journey with English.

    Darek S.
  • Joana knows me and my weakness to sweets. Usually when we talk about some difficult case for me, she brings me sweetsJ She always smiles and has good humour. She is very professional and if you go abroad for holiday, please remember to send her postcards. She loves it. But please remember to do homework and prepare for tests. If you don’t, she can be angry. She is one of the best teachers I have ever met, the second one is Agnieszka, the school owner. I’m really happy that my friend told me about this school

    Ania B.


About me:
I always wish my day was longer and my energy levels higher to pursue all amazing things and people in my life. But since it is only 24h, I am a humble but steady appreciator of music, theatre, impressionist painting, psychology and related subjects, Italian language, lifestyle and culture, mountain hiking and jogging

What I like most about teaching is:
sharing what I love and finding out about other people’s worlds

My favourite quote:
lots of them, I enjoy beautiful words, lyrics and poetry

  • Basia is the best teacher in the world! She is not only intelligent and engaged in her work, but also a very open, positive and really funny person. Before I met her I never thought that learning English might be so effective and a pleasure at the same time.

    Milena B.


About me:
As a teacher I demand, but also forgive 🙂 By learning one of the most difficult languages (Hungarian) I can put myself in the shoes of the student and understand their struggle. Phrases such as „stupid question” or „stupid mistake” do not appear in my dictionary.
 The perfect way to spend my weekend is reading a book or playing a good video game

What I like most about teaching is:
the feeling of satisfaction when I see a student’s progress  

My favourite quote:

  • Marta is the best English teacher I’ve ever had! Marta is a very positive person. She always smiles. She is very warm and charming, thanks to which the classes run without stress. Marta is always ready for lessons. She can adapt his teaching method to the student and transfer knowledge in a simple and interesting way. Speaking English has always been very stressful for me, but Marta has found a way to give me courage and I know I can always count on her support and help in learning English language.

    Agnieszka S.
  • Marta is the best English teacher I have ever had. She is perfectly prepared to every class. Marta is good at explaining everything on a clear way using language on appropriate level for me. Lessons with her are really interesting. She is open, easily makes contact with others.

    Kasia H.


About me:
I’m an open-minded and a cheerful person, or at least that’s what I’ve been told by my friends… as well as by my Students. I treat my job seriously, though, and if need be, I can be very demanding, for the benefit of the Participants of the lessons, of course!

What I like most about teaching is:
Too many things to name just one. Still, what I love about teaching is contact with people of variegated backgrounds, interests, and passions. Moreover, the unique chance to pass the knowledge of English to my Students is something I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world  

My favourite quote:

  • I have very positive opinion, lessons aren’t boring. He always prepares a lot of material and always he gives me homework.

    Wioleta B.


About me:
I do rock climbing / mountain climbing in my free time. I love travelling, driving in different countries and driving in general, watching various TV series, reading books on different topics. I also enjoy researching accents and dialects and teaching pronunciation. I dream of going to Vietnam and renting a moped there

What I like most about teaching is:
getting to know different people, talking to them on a variety of topics, learning from them and seeing them grow in confidence  

My favourite quote: “He was going
to live forever, or die in the attempt.” – Joseph Heller, Catch-22.

  • Anna is a great person and she teaches English effectively. What is more, she is open-minded, every lesson covers interesting topic and I feel comfortable to propose any further points for discussion. Anna always takes into account my availability and preferences. I am happy to have so dedicated and passionate teacher and conversation in English is now a pleasure for me.

    Maria M.


About me:
I’m all about ducks, films, writing, visiting weird places, and Oxford commas

What I like most about teaching is:
meeting people from all walks of life  

My favourite quote:
„Outstare the stars” – V. Nabokov

  • It is really difficult to describe Weronika just with a few words. The main reason for that is her incredible level of creativity. Our every class has similar formula, still each one of them is different. Thanks to her passion for teaching and amazing linguistic intuition, there is no way to be bored at her class as well as to miss some aspect of a language. Like a wizard takes a rabbit out of the hat, so Weronika is able to pull ‘the handouts’ out of nowhere. Keeping a happy face, she remains a true professional.’

    Mikołaj W.
  • Weronika is a very positive and open person. She is always well prepared for classes and can answer every student’s question. But what is most important is that her work gives her great pleasure. 

    Magda S.


About me:
I am very optimistic and full of positive energy. I have always enjoyed learning foreign languages so I have tried a lot of different ones in my life. Nonetheless, English and Spanish remain my favourites. Furthermore, I love hanging out with my friends, reading fantasy novels and watching TV series all night long.

What I like most about teaching is:
seeing the visible progress of my students.  

My favourite quote:
Family don’t end with blood, boy, Supernatural (TV series)

  • Oliwia is a concerned teacher with an individual approach to the student. Her explicating’s technique is straightforward so that every lesson is understandable. She gives many examples, comparisons and games (games are my favorite) which makes the lesson interesting. I always feel like coming to class because the atmosphere is very nice and I just like our lessons.

    Kamila S.


About me:
I am a passionate student of American studies, who loves to cook, dance and travel

What I like most about teaching is:
seeing my students open up and become more confident with their use of English  

My favourite quote:

  • Learning english with Kornelia is superb experience. Kornelia is a professional and open-minded lecturer with individual approach to student’s needs. This helps a lot to work and develop skills based on diversified methods using topics which are always interesting. Kornelia is demanding but easly adjusts difficulty and intensity of classes to student’s capabilities. Her positive attitude is inspirational and provides extra motivation to be prepared and always do your (home)work. Classes are always fun and productive.

    Jakub T.


About me:
I try to do sports – football and the gym are my passions. I also like parties, meeting new people and watching interesting films

What I like most about teaching is:
Meeting new people, getting to know new facts and ideas from my students, and observing progress of my students  

My favourite quote:


About me:
I am all-time Harry Potter and Friends fan and can make anyone love them too! I love reading and shopping for books. My favorite color is purple

What I like most about teaching is:
communication. It’s great to build relationships with students of different professions, learn about their hobbies and help them to reach their learning goals  

My favourite quote:
„If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” – N. Hill

  • Lessons with Vika are wonderful. Learning combined with fun. Vika is always fantastically prepared for classes and raises a lot of interesting topics. Thanks to her I broke my barrier and I’m not afraid to speak English anymore.

    Weronika S.
  • The lessons with Vika were very interesting for us and we really enjoyed our classes. Vika was always very well prepared and the materials were interesting/thought-provoking/entertaining for us.
    It was also very important for us that we felt treated as adults and we felt confident that we could ask for topics that interest us (e.g. conditionals in practice). We wanted to learn in a friendly atmosphere and did not want any tests like the children at school and our needs were listened. We also appreciated the materials sent to us as a summary of the lessons as well as those we had to watch/do at home.

    Ania W.


About me:
I am a weekend traveller looking for the cheapest tickets to see the world. I do dubbing for commercials, but my biggest dream was always to dub a Disney movie. Oh, and I love singing!

What I like most about teaching is: 
having contact with people and having tons of fun playing language games together

My favourite quote: 
„If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” – L. Carroll

  • Agnieszka is a great teacher. I’ve done a huge progress in my English thanks to her. She is always a kind, polite and very patient teacher and I don’t feel stressed during classes. I’m happy that she taught me.

    Dorota K.

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