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Oto referencje kilku z naszych kursantów, oczywiście zgodnie z zasadą iż stosujemy tylko język docelowy, wszystkie tak zostały napisane:


Małgorzata Cybulska
Director of Claims Department at Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Euler Hermes S.A.

"Good, happy, fine, bad, old" it was the only set of my English adjectives, although I've finished intermediate level courses in two different, respected and with strong reputation language schools and attended one to one tuition class with native speaker.

Don't think I was lazybones. Not at all! I swoted up on my vocabulary lists, passed all tests and... and forgot everything week after. Learning English was a Sisyphean work for me, and I was really ashamed when I had to speak this language.

Seven years ago my company hired a new English teacher and I started following course. Surprisingly, the new teacher - a student of University then- came full of positive energy, with different ideas, ideals, not knowing any borders and started to teach, motivate and encourage me. Still I had to learn a vocabulary list (even more than one) but what was different, that I used all of them, because she "forced" me to do it. She knew which word was a new one for me and we used it till it was a popular one. I have done an unequivocal progress and it has changed my attitude not only towards English but also towards others goals in my life!

I still have classes with Agnieszka and with teachers she proposes and I am all the time amazed by variety of teaching methods and beauty of English.

Now I would like to learn another foreign language and I am looking for a teacher like Agnieszka - with teacher like she it will be a fascinating and successful journey.

Amelia Bień
Manager of Recourse Collections at Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o.

If you are looking for the best English school I can recommend you with a full responsibility the school of Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak.  If you really want to learn a lot and if you are ready to work very hard, this is a right school for you. The attitude to learning in this school differs from other schools as the program of study is customized to your needs, interests and first and foremost to your personal style of learning.



Jolanta Ostrowska
Vice President at Konsalnet Holding S.A.

Lessons with the School of Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak help me break the barrier of speaking in English. I feel more comfortable, can speak on any subjects and I’m not afraidJ

All classes are different, not boring and exciting. My teacher is always well prepared and it able to satisfy my needs depending on my mood and my possibilities every day, which is very important and helpful for me.

I recommend classes with Agnieszka from my heart.

Nina Jędrzejczak-Klimek
Director of Controlling Department at Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Euler Hermes S.A.

Individual approach to students. Excellent preparation for classes. Interesting lessons. Motivating system of teaching. Systematic feedback on progress. Highly recommended





Active student - Tomasz Delman
Director of Sales Department at Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o

Recommendation for cooperation

I would like to recommend Agnieszka’s Language School, and personally – Agnieszka’s approach to the whole learning system. She is very engaged in teaching and very well prepared to each class. Additionally she is very consistent and demanding person who can really motivate to work. After a few years I can say that the choice of Agnieszka’s rules was very good and helpful for me. Her skills helped me to break the barrier of speaking and now I am able to contact with others in English. This is a great satisfaction for me.

I think that Agnieszka’s anxious personality in a positive meaning is like an engine to look for a new ways to support and to teach more people.

One condition – all those who want to speak English, must learn.

Anna Pawelec
Dyrektor Biura Oceny Ryzyka Handlowego Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Euler Hermes SA

Referring to the name of the school Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak and the teachers are really demanding. Students don't use any handbook, materials are collected from different sources to make lessons more interesting, but first of all, to exercise exactly what students need.

Agnieszka openly says that students must learn regularly. Even the homework cannot be done just before the lesson as the teacher sets a weekly schedule. Not doing your homework means that you will have double work next time.

I really recommend the school for those who want to learn effectively English.





Anna Małek
Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Euler Hermes S.A.

I am a person who has learnt English with the school of Agnieszka for a few years, and although I have tried to learn English since ever only Agnieszka’s classes have achieved proper results.  

First of all Agnieszka is a very creative, well-organized, demanding person, who is able to encourage everybody to learn and speaking.  She has lots of hints and solutions for everybody. The lessons are really interesting and the materials are tailor made for each person.  You do not follow the one book – you have plenty of materials adjusted to your individual needs. Grammar is explained in a really clear, simple and understandable way as well. 

Agnieszka has lots of ideas, methods and techniques thanks to which you are able to obtain the best results. To give an example, an excellent,  innovative and very useful thing is the summary of the lesson made by the instructor and sent to the student (it’s really important to have all the information written  by the teacher  with additional explanations e.g grammar rules, new vocabulary and phrases. You don’t have to focus on writing during the lesson, instead of that you have more time for speaking and listening).

I would strongly recommend this teacher for everybody who wants to see the progress and learn English effectively and don’t want to lose his money and time. 

Agnieszka Gańko, Bożena Ostrowska, Beata Cieślak
Open Profit Drejling i Wspólnicy Sp. j.

The English course with the school of Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak is a real pleasure and duty in the same time. She puts a lot of energy into student’s motivation and commitment. She takes care of lessons’ variety and adjustments to individual needs as well. It’s true that the learning requires a big effort but the teacher’s personality and activity cause that we attend the English course with a big pleasure and the effects have been noticed very fast.



Robert Jankowski
Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o.

My opinion about the school of Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak and the teachers’ skills:

-          flexible methods of teaching corresponding to student’s skills and  abilities
-          unique system of grammar and vocabulary revisions (most important for me)
-          friendly atmosphere (but a lot of homework)



Maciej Harczuk
CEO at Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o.

The teachers are qualified and lessons are tailor-made to students, which is highly appreciated. The teachers can cover a range of topics from general to business. I have to admit that the progress of developing English is visible and due to this fact I would truly recommend working with this school.




Krzysztof Piotrowski
Manager of Field Negotiators at Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o.

The School of Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak is a great school which is a very demanding and classes are a real challenge. 
Thanks to this my progress are visible and I'm very glad. 
I can definitely recommend to learn with this school for ambitious people.



Marta Władek & Antek Omondi

We are very happy to have a chance to attend AK English School. Lessons have helped us to build our self-confidence about English. We have learned a lot here. The classes are interesting and effective.

The teachers are very professional, always helpful and friendly. This is a really good school to put your English on a higher level. We really recommend this place!




Sylwia Płochocka
Shy student

I would like to share my opinion about School of Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak. I am a student since March 2014 and in my opinion I have made a big progress. I appreciate the methods as much. It is a great idea when teacher search the way for student individual. When one way did not get enough result's, teacher change the methods for moment when he find the right for this type of student. When you are the person who are determined to make the progress with your language skills and you are ready for regular work at home - this school will be the best for you.

It is worth it.



Grzegorz Hylewicz
Head of Collections Department at Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o.

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Wojciech Wegrzynski

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Piotr Burdynowicz
Regional Director at Konsalnet

I am really satisfied with the classes I have had with Agnieszka Kostrzewa for two years. I must admit that these classes have helped me to extend my vocabulary (both everyday and business) and now I do not feel afraid to speak English in public. A positive atmosphere has made each class a valuable experience as well as a good fun, which is another plus. Thanks to Agnieszka’s attitude, professional background, knowledge and time flexibility, I have learnt to work systematically. Besides, a wide range of materials used during the classes (handouts, video and DVD presentations) and different activities (such as trips and meetings) organized by Agnieszka, create perfect conditions to master language skills.





Zbigniew Korzeniewski
Prezes Zarządu w Attorn S.A.

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Krzysztof Krzysztofczyk
Prezes Zarządu w SMT Systems Integration sp. z o.o.

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dr hab. inż. Arkadiusz Szterk prof. IBPRS
Department of Food Analysis, Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology

I recommend English school „school for ambitious people”. Frankly spiking it is perfect school for people who really think about English study and who want possess essential knowledge which is important to speak and write correctly. 

You can choose, of course with proper help of a dean of the school, the best teacher to your English level and to your needs. You can work alone with a teacher or you can choose some little group of students with similar level and English needs. All teachers are extremely nice, friendly, understanding and so on. Incredible fact is that you can always rely on your teacher after lesson, for instance if you have some problem during your work you can write an e-mail, call or write sms and always they help you. Of course sometimes the teacher does not have time at the moment, but he or she always remembers and in short time you receive back answer to your question or doubt. I have two teachers for example for speaking training I have excellences experience to Anna Bąk. With all responsibility I recommended her for example to conversation or preparing to speaking part of IELTS exam. The second teacher is Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak (the dean of the school). She is amazing! She is a perfect teacher, she is very responsible and devoting to work with you. You can always account on her help when you need it of course beyond lesson. She is very requiring and I think that it is very good because you never not loss your motivation to English study, because she very rapidly reminds you why you decided to study English:)

From time to time, outside or inside of school, are organised topical meetings. During these meetings you can meet some other students, you can practise your language because you can not use any language except English of course. Last time we have had two topical meetings it was Christmas party and Englisch evening but in 2 weeks we have plane the third meeting outside of school in museum. Personally I think that it is great ideas because you can not be borings when you decide to take lesson in school for ambitious people.



Agnieszka Grabowska

I’ve had the pleasure of learning with Agnieszka Kostrzewa for few years. From the first day of class, Agnieszka impressed me with her ability of teaching, her sensitivity to the nuances and her passion for being well organized. Agnieszka is a talented teacher and she has my highest recommendation as a best choice if you really want to learn English.

Her open mind personality allows her to work well with others, discuss and prepare interesting materials for classes. She is very hard working and she expects the same from her students. So if you want to cooperate with Agnieszka you must be prepared to be involved and willing to learn and you will reach your goal for sure.

I know a lot of people who learn with Agnieszka and she impress everyone she meets.





Tomasz Uliński

It is probably the first time I am really excited about learning English. I had a pleasure to have classes with three teachers from the AKN school and all of them were great. What I really like is the list of words and phrases I had problems with, which I receive after every lesson. It helps me review the material at home and allows to focus entirely on the conversation during classes. I was really surprised that this notes are so comprehensive. But the most important aspect of the course is its variety and an individual approach, which I really appreciate. All this together motivates me to study a lot at home, read books, watch movies and listen to podcasts which has become my daily habit. I am sure that working on my English with Agnieszka will bring very good results.


Magda Zielińska

I’ve found the school of Agnieszka Kostrzewa-Nowak by coincidence. Last November I was browsing the Internet and came across the website of the school. My first impression was very possitiv. On the same day I had a meeting with Agnieszka. She found out what I need and after few days we met for our first lesson.

Agnieszka is the best teacher I have ever had. Everything what we do during the classes is customized to my needs. The lessons are interesting and well prepared. After every meeting I receive great notes. The location of the school is convenient.

Are you still looking for a good English school? Don’t waste your time! You have just found it …on the condition that you are ready for hard work:)




Edyta Ulińska

Agnieszka is the best teacher in the world:) She has not only her original and effective methods of teaching but has also a great passion, which gives strong motivation to her students and makes her school full of life and energy. Moreover she organises many exciting events that give us an opportunity to get to know each other, integrate and spend some time in interesting, entertaining way, speaking English at the same time:) Here you can meet the teachers that love their job who will make you delight in learning English!:)


Anna Thiele-Wieczorek

I am very impressed with quality and dedication of the teachers. Aga, who is an owner of the school works also as a coordinator and does really put a lot of importance into the selection of teachers. Having shared your expectations you will be allocated the teacher who answers your needs. I found all the teachers very competent, willing to listen and learn, they always come well prepared for each lesson and provide feedback afterwards. Very important for me is the fact that we are in touch between the lessons and only communication in English is allowed. The owner is very enthusiastic and energetic and she spreads those feelings easily, especially while organising many additional events (christmas party, speaking buddies meetings, charades evening, trip to the museum etc) for all students to increase our self-confidence while using English and to give us more chances to improve our knowledge using non-typical methods. During the lessons also a variety of interesting and challenging techniques are followed. I highly recommend this school.




Magdalena Jurko
Kierownik Zespołu ds. Obsługi Klienta / Customer Service Team Manager

Agnieszka is the best teacher I have ever had. She has an extensive knowledge about English and teaching. She is the only one who can motivate me to hard work with English. She is very consistent and demanding. Each lesson with her is very energetic because she always brings interesting materials.
There is no chance to be bored with her!